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Sample Research Report

STC strives to constantly provide its clients with the most updated commercial real estate (CRE) market information. In addition to extensive research done in conjunction with evaluating target properties,we issue monthly newsletters with key topics concerning the real estate industry in both English and Chinese to our clients and associates. Please visit our website to subscribe and/or download our newsletters.To see our newsletters, please click here.

STC also offers consulting services in all facets of commercial real estate. Powered with STDB (#1 demographic research system in CRE) and CoStar (most comprehensive commercial property database), we can analyze not only the current value but the future potential of target properties as well. For a sample report, please click here.
Sample Cases
  • Development Feasibility
    • Recommend property type to be built (shopping center, office, apartment, warehouse) based on demographics, spending patterns, governmental regulations, supply and demand, etc.
    • Advise on size of development, layout, parking requirement, etc.
    • Project financials
  • Investment Due Diligence
    • Analyze property financials
    • Exane lease agreements to determine risks and impacts to the bottom line
    • Evaluate current market (sale and lease comparisons)
    • Assess future potential of subject property
    • Project financials
  • Leasing Market Analysis
    • Provide trade area rental rates of both leased and listed properties
    • Compile relevant vacancy rates, absorption rates, deliveries
    • Create leads for proactive leasing: develop list of nearby tenants whose leases are expiring
  • Value Creation
    • Advise on ideal tenant mix based on trade area demographics and competition
    • Identify obsolete and upcoming usages/tenant types
  • Owner-User Valuation
    • Analyze lease vs. purchase options
    • Provide guidance on sale-leaseback transactions
  • Broker’s Opinion of Value
      • Appraise current property value using cost, sales comparison and income capitalization approaches
        (This report is often used by clients to refinance a property or to determine whether or not to sell a property)

        Consulting projects are billed by hour. Standard hourly rate is $300. Typical projects start from $3,000 and up.

        To engage STC Management on a consulting project or for more information, please contact