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Property Management

STC Solution Center
Creative Problem Solving

STC has established a solid reputation for quality results and unwavering ethical standards. With extensive analytical training and years of experience, we have the ability to solve complex issues quickly and effectively. Our managers are talented at diffusing emotions and finding creative solutions to achieve win-win results.

Cross-cultural Expertise

All of our associates are bilingual; some are trilingual as well. We are attuned to East-West cultural differences and understand how to communicate with ethnic tenants.

Value Enhancement

We have a successful track record of preserving and enhancing the value of commercial properties. Ultimately, the tenants and their leases are what create value for an income producing property. In addition to ensuring that the physical features of a property are well-maintained and attractive, we also focus on creating the ideal tenant mix, fully supporting tenants’ businesses, and establishing long term relationships with tenants and the landlord.
Management Team

STC’s management team consists of highly experienced, knowledgeable, and hardworking professionals. We qualify our property managers with stringent guidelines and credentials. At least one property manager and one assistant property manager are assigned to each project. A Certified Property Manager(CPM®) oversees the entire operation and provides continual training to property managers.

Accounting Expertise

STC’s in-house accounting and back office teams utilizes Yardi Voyager, the most advanced property management software, to provide detailed financial reporting to our clients monthly and annually. In all financial transactions, we strive for transparency, accuracy, and timeliness.

Trusted Vendor Network

We closely monitor vendors to ensure their work is of high quality. Over the years, we have selected high quality, cost-effective and responsible vendors to join our Trusted Vendor Network. With the economies of scale that we create with our management portfolio, we can elevate our bargaining power and ensure that great service is delivered at a low price.

Accredited Management Organization

STC is the first Asian company in the country to achieve the Accredited Management Organization (AMO) designation. The AMO designation recognizes real estate firms that meet the standards of excellence in professional experience, education, ethics, and business and financial stability. STC proudly fulfills all of the requirements.

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