Rejuvenation Center At STC, we believe quality routine maintenance is vital in sustaining and elevating real estate investment value. We also believe all properties need face lifts from time to time in order to keep their charm and beauty to attract and create stronger patronage.

Devise Blueprint

We start off by conducting a preliminary physical inspection of the property to gather all pertinent information and to assess the condition of the project. This preliminary inspection report and property level analysis containing both regular and deferred maintenance items are then used by the property managers with input from our investors to devise a general guiding blueprint for the physical management of the project.

Streamline Costs

As with all of our projects in management, we want to fully understand all the details and background information of the property in order for us to find the best maintenance solution and to reduce unnecessary expenses through the use of efficient and effective methods. We have creatively streamlined operating costs by implementing technologically advanced, energy efficient and environment friendly products and systems in addition to working with cost effective vendors.
Customize Solutions

At STC, our Maintenance Team consists of licensed and experienced professionals who share a common passion to enhance the value of a property by being more responsive, efficient and cost effective with a deeper understanding of the project history. We understand our investors may have different goals and objectives with their investments. Therefore, we look at each one of our tasks with particular attention and create a maintenance program unique to each situation to maximize the underlying potential of these investments.

We pride our quality of services and workmanship in areas such as janitorial, landscaping, power washing, lighting, roof maintenance, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, mechanical work, among many others.

In addition, we offer the following reports and services as part of our maintenance program:
  • Project timeline and budget projection & management report
  • Periodic variance report to track and compare costs to avoid over spending
  • Qualifying vendors and providing periodic cost comparisons
  • Working with various regulatory agencies to secure proper permits and licenses
Over the years, we have accumulated experiences from all different divisions of our STC Team covering all aspects of commercial real estate investments. Together with our philosophy of helping people to succeed, with our long established vendor networks as well as with support from governing agencies, we believe we can do more and do better.

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